The most comprehensive platform of the world, to build secure and intelligent IoT applications

Rapid time-to-insight, at enterprise scale

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Connect, build, deploy, run and monitor, secure and intelligent IoT apps in days
Machine Learning Powerful insights without deep data science expertise
GIS The power of Geo analytics for brilliant insights


Deploy and monitor anything, anywhere, with a click

Making deployment and monitoring infrastructure and applications easy, fast, secured and inexpensive

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Accelerate business innovation and growth without breaking your budget
Deploy your existing and future work load, seamlessly
in cloud,
or hybrid


Helping organizations transform, innovate, and reduce time to value

Strategy, design, development, and deployment expertise to augment your organization's resources

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Implement secure and intelligent IoT Solutions to unlock Business Value
Rapidly Migrate your Business to the Cloud
Discover Valuable Insights in your Big Data


IoT - changing the world, all over, again

A new set of strategic choices, driving innovation and new opportunities

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Smart homes

Smart cities

Health care




Connected cars

Traffic & location movement

Transportation & logistics

Industrial automation


Transformative technologies shaping business and competition

Building and supporting an entirely new technology infrastructure

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